Another topspot in Poland

Another topspot in Poland

Just under a year ago, we saw a Jesko in Sweden. It was the very first Jesko. Now, that same Jesko has appeared again, but this time in Poland.

One must have been quite astonished when this brute hypercar appeared on the highway in Ruda Śląska, Poland. Not only does this car look inherently brute and aggressively styled, but it's also extremely beautiful in this fresh blue color. The silver rims add the finishing touch.
It can't be denied that we're currently being quite spoiled by Polish spots. In one of the recent reports, it was about the only F50 in all of Poland, and now we can immediately see another top spot from this country. However, it's still unclear whether this Jesko will stay there, as it actually bears German license plates. However, they are red, which means they are dealer plates. So, this could be a freshly delivered specimen or one that is even being delivered right now. We don't know. It would be very cool, of course, if we could soon see it with Polish plates.

Another topspot in PolandClick on the photo for more photo's of this spot!

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