Aston Martin DB5 Goldfiner Continuation slipped in between

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  • 2022-01-12 13:41
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Aston Martin DB5 Goldfiner Continuation slipped in between

Of course we can't let this spot pass us by. An Aston Martin DB5 Goldfinger Continuation. A first that has been online since September of last year and is only now being noticed.

In June of 2021, Aston Martin started building 25 units of the DB5 Goldfiner Continuation. However, why would you buy a DB5 for more than three million euros if it is not even allowed on the public road? Well, you are a fan of James Bond or not because with this Goldfinger edition you also get the gadgets that James Bond had! Trailing vehicles can be shielded by an oil trail or a smoke screen. In addition, you can blaze past speed cameras because you can rotate the license plates just like Bond. It wasn't though, fake machine guns, a bulletproof screen for the rear window, ram rosettes in the bumpers and extendable blades are also in the weapon range to ensure that all your enemies can be shaken off. True Bond fans also know that the DB5 has an ejection seat. This can be optionally built in by Aston Martin. If you finally went for this Goldfinger Continuation, you just have to choose that option!

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