Ferrari Monza SP2 shows off in downtown Houston

Ferrari Monza SP2 shows off in downtown Houston

Ferrari's current masterpiece, the Monza SP2, is not a car we are going to see very often. If you are able to obtain one of these chances are you have quite the selection of Ferrari’s at your disposal and tough choices will have to be made. Another “problem” for us carspotters is that only 499 copies will be made making these cars quite the investment object.

Nevertheless, we hope to catch a glimpse of a new one now and then. This time around a beautiful Monza SP2 showed its face in the lone star state, Texas. The owner of this car does has quite the choice of cars because according to the spotter he or she also has a Bugatti Chiron 110 and Porsche 991 GT2 RS at their disposal. The Monza SP2 is not immediately the most expensive car in the collection, with a starting price of 1.2 million. It is however one of the more special ones. Only 499 copies are made and depending on the customer opting for a one or two person version, it becomes an exclusive model. We would always opt for the two-person variant. Driving on your own in this great car with V12, 810 hp and open roof is amazing but taking a passenger for a ride in this car will guarantee a big smile!

As the spotter also wrote. The Monza SP2 is not actually street legal in Texas. However, that problem is solved with a temporary license plate from the dealer.

Ferrari Monza SP2 trekt aandacht van vrouwen in Houston

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