Geneva 2018: Apollo Intensa Emozione

Geneva 2018: Apollo Intensa Emozione

This time it is not a NEWS FLASH, it is a Top Spot by spotter Nico K. Photography. Apollo made the announcement that it will take over Geneva, but not at the show grounds. Instead Apollo decided to roam the streets of Geneva in the hopes that the press would "spot" this amazing car on the street. The Apollo IE marks the return to the truest, most organic form of the hyper-car. Created from a blank sheet of paper, the IE is the beginning of the next chapter of Apollo.

The IE is a superleggera that combines the aerodynamic efficiency and mechanical grip of a modern GT1/GT3/LMP race car with the classical thrill of a high-revving naturally aspirated V12. This car has an organic granularity that other modern hyper-cars strive for, but are unable to deliver. All this while featuring a modern, intensively striking design language that symbolizes the brand. This is a car that captures the lost emotion and fading spirit of the cars we grow up loving. No turbos. No hybrid systems. A proper balance of old and new. The Apollo IE is powered by a naturally aspirated 6.3 liter V12 engine. This ICE unit produces in excess of 780hp and 760nM of torque. The power unit was developed in partnership with our partner, Autotecnica Motori, and revs to 9,000rpm. The IE features three engine Map-modes selected by the driver: Wet, Sport, Track – The selection is indicated on “Engine Map page” on main Display. The decision to refrain from using any emotionally dilutive technological systems, such as hybridization, was made to deliver a modern, yet nostalgically, pure, unadulterated sensory experience.

To maintain exclusivity, only 10 units of the Apollo IE, will be build. Each to the highest degree of customization requested by its owner.
Those who order the Apollo IE will be granted exclusive access to the Time Attack program, that will be run by Apollo on the most relevant European racing circuits, and will also gain priority rights to order the future sibling of the Apollo IE, the Arrow, which is scheduled to see the light in 2019.

Apollo Intensa Emozione rijdt gewoon door centrum van Genève

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