Silver Ferrari F12tdf is a beauty

Silver Ferrari F12tdf is a beauty

There are those cars that one seems to forget quite quickly. In my opinion, the Ferrari F12tdf is one such example. Never as popular as the 599 GTO, but at least as desirable.

Just look at the design. This car screams speed while still maintaining the elegance of a big Ferrari GT. The nose is incredibly aggressive and certainly without a license plate it is quite the sight to see. The back is drawn a lot simpler, but the thick diffuser is a subtle sporty detail. This car has the looks to be admired for hours, but why has it so quickly been forgotten?

Zilvergrijze Ferrari F12tdf staat troosteloos op straat in Frankfurt
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    UNITED KINGDOM stephenhawking111  -  2020-06-24 at 08:48

    Hi, I am Stephan I live in London. I have the same Silver colour sports car and I go to the office in this car every day my office here:

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