This is the first F50 from Poland

This is the first F50 from Poland

If you're in Poland and want to see an F50, it will be quite difficult because there is only one in the whole country. T.B. Car Spotting managed to see exactly this one.

In Poland, it's partially quite difficult to see a particular car. While one may have seen the occasional F40 there, it gets trickier with all other exclusive Ferraris. Because there's supposedly only one LaFerrari in the whole of Poland. There's also only one Enzo. This one was actually discovered many years ago. So, one can only hope that visitors from neighboring countries bring the cars along, as has often been the case. It's even cooler when you then discover the one and only F50 from Poland with a Polish license plate.

This is the first F50 from PolandClick on the photo for more photo's of this spot!

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