Bugatti Chiron Sport looks amazing

Bugatti Chiron Sport looks amazing

Geneva had to do without the mass of visitors last March because of cancellation of the motor show. Fortunately, Covid 19 seems to loosen it´s grip on our daily life further and further, this also means that the supercars are heading out again!

This new Chiron Sport can go through life in style. Buying a Chiron Sport does not immediately mean that it has to have striking colors because it is a sporty variant. When you are driving a Bugatti you have nothing to prove to any of the other drivers around you and it will be very very rare to see something of the same caliber pull up next to you at the light. Of course we always like to see bright spec, but on a car like this I would prefer a spec like this, chic and beautiful instead of bright and loud. The body is made of visible carbon fiber, which immediately cost the car a hefty penny extra. With these photos from the side you also realize how big the brake discs are on this 1,500 hp strong car. Not so strange, because you have to be able to stop the car as soon as possible when needed. Especially when speeds op 400 km/h are a possibility when operating this insane machine!

Bugatti Chiron Sport gaat stijlvol door het leven

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