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Spotter Jjrivero jj_rivero_10_spots
Spotté à Seattle (WA), United States of America
Date 03-03-2021 01:41

I first found this Stingray at a Fred Meyer in Shoreline. A couple of months later, I found it at a Fred Meyer in Seattle.

Détails de la voiture

Vitesse de pointe 313 KM/H
Accélération 0-100 KM/H 3.80 s
Puissance 455 HP
Couple 460 Nm @ 4600 rpm
Poids 1495 kg

Nombre de commentaires sur ce spot

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    SERBIA Stefan Sobot  -  à 02:13

    Lovely catch, it looks so good in yellow!

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    NETHERLANDS Arjan The king  -  à 07:59

    It likes good in this coulor!

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    NETHERLANDS ilovecars#renzoverschoor  -  à 08:38

    Nice spot buddy!

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    UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Horse-Power  -  à 09:52

    A couple of years ago I had a chance to spend the day with my dad up in the twisty mountain roads of Georgia with a C7 Stingray Convertible and we had a blast. This Vette was well balanced, with great brakes and plenty of low end torque. It was a great rental for the day. Excellent night shots, Jonathan. @Jjrivero

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    UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Jjrivero  -  à 19:47

    [@Stefan Sobot] @ilovecars#renzoverschoor [@Arjan The king]
    Thanks guys, I agree!
    Thank you West! That sounds awesome. @Horse-Power

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    NETHERLANDS thomcarspotter  -  à 21:28

    Stunning in yellow. Sweet find!

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    NETHERLANDS LucasH  -  à 12:36

    Yellow looks good on this one! Excellent catch.

  8. Cela n'est pas correct.

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