Enjoying the sun in the Ferrari F8 Spider

Enjoying the sun in the Ferrari F8 Spider

If Ferrari makes up the time they lost during the Covid 19 crisis, a number of people on this globe will be having a wonderful summer. The Ferrari F8 Spider is becoming more and more common to see out and about.

Ferrari is not in a hurry when it comes to delivering the F8 Tributo and the F8 Spider as it seems. Both cars were introduced last year, but just a little amount of cars have made it to the streets so far. There maybe several explanations for this but one thing is for sure. The F8 Spider is a great car to see on the street. Although it is not the hardcore version of the F8, it already looks nice and aggressive. That is not surprising when you consider that the car is an evolution of the 488 Pista. Underneath it is therefore the same engine with the same power as the Pista. 720 hp and 770 Nm are at your disposal at all times to launch yourself into the sun.

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