Is the DBS the ultimate Aston?

Is the DBS the ultimate Aston?

These days Aston Martin is doing well with a varied range of beautiful and very fast cars. Still, I prefer to look back in time when it comes to Aston Martin. The timeless class that the Aston Martins had in the era of this DBS is something that makes many car-loving hearts beat faster, even after all these years. And if your heart doesn't beat faster from the looks than it will when you hear the sound these cars produce. The unique 5.9 V12 has such a recognizable sound that you just can't look at this spot without hearing it.

Aston Martin GTs have always been praised for their insanely elegant appearance. The classic lines of the V8 Vantage and especially the DB9 are true art. Perhaps this makes the DB9 look a bit dull. The DBS kept the elegance but matched it up with a slightly sportier look. The car was fitted with a sportier bodykiy, got slightly more power and a sharper adjustment. The 5.9. V12 now produces 517 hp, blasts to 100 km / h in 4.3 seconds and achieves a top speed of 307 km / h. No shocking figures, especially for contemporary standards. But the DBS is not necessarily intended as a die hard sports car. It is a GT with which you can make a nice road trip but with which you occasionally want to play a bit. It is still a heavy car at 1700kg so it is best to avoid the hairpin bends, but over a gentle road with soft bends you can fully enjoy the DBS and its characteristic soundtrack! Just imagine driving this car into the hills of Monaco or the glorious roads of the German Eiffel!

Is de DBS de ultieme Aston Martin?

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