McLaren Senna LM delivers some color to Paris

McLaren Senna LM delivers some color to Paris

Only twenty pieces are made and this is the second one to be spotted. So 10% has already been spotted. That is going well!

Information about the Senna LM is scarce, so we scoured the internet for information. The Senna LM is a bit more aggressive than the regular Senna and you can clearly see that. We see additional cooling slots in the front and the rims are naturally inspired by the McLaren F1 LM just like the color. That is Papaya Orange and one of the most beautiful colors you can choose on a McLaren and a color that has been in relationship with McLaren for years. Even the Formula 1 team is still driving it. The engine will remain the same, but the fact that you encounter this in the heart of Paris is very unique. Rather it is something you will see on a track, where it belongs!

McLaren Senna LM zorgt voor kleur in Parijs

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