Sporty and luxurious

Sporty and luxurious

A sporty version with an emphasis on comfort. That’s not something we see all that often, however Audi has been providing this option for quite some time in the form of the Audi S8! A luxury limousine with enough power and comfort to leave behind quite a number of sports cars.

The S8 is all about transporting the passengers in comfort and with speed. To make that happen smoothly, the well-known 4.0 liter V8 turbo engine is in the front and provides 571 hp and 800 Nm of torque combined with mild hybrid technology. The car was unveiled last summer and now we slowly see the car appearing on the site. The S8 is a car for a limited audience. With a starting price of 192,000 euros, you might have to break a piggy bank or 2 . While a normal A8 is just as comfortable and you can easily save 70,000 euros. But apparently those euros don’t matter for the audience that the S8 is intended for.

Sportief en luxueus: Audi s8

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