Unique, silver Ferrari F50 shows itself in Zürich

Unique, silver Ferrari F50 shows itself in Zürich

Colors we see pretty often on the F50’s that are uploaded to the site are, red, yellow, the occasional black example, but for a spot of a silver Ferrari F50 we have to go all the way back to May 2016. Luckily Zurich is still providing is with some amazing spots including this Silver Ferrari F50!

A British Ferrari F50 being spotted in Zurich. That is quite special on its own , but a F50 sporting the Argento Nurburgring color is even more special. Only 349 copies of the Ferrari F50 were made and a handful were painted in silver. The largest number was of course Ferrari red because a Ferrari that is made to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the brand must of course be red to sell with a big profit later on. Unfortunately, that kite did not go up so easily. The F50 remained stable in price for a long time, but like all other exclusive cars, it went up like a rocket in recent years. A fun detail is that this was originally a Dutch car! It wore the license plate 22-TZ-ZB for a while before being put up for sale in SINGEN and eventually being sold to the owner in Britain. I do respect the current owner to drive this car and let all the car lovers out there enjoy it!

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